Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook gives us a unique way to connect to a target audience and we can use this to our advantage when building a subscriber base. This giant social media platform allows us to create pages that target a certain audience, and allows us to create groups that do the same thing. There is a difference between running a group and a page but we need not go into that for this course because it does not affect method we are using.

Fan pages are built around all manner of niches and just like list building it is better to create one around a buyer’s market, unless of course it’s being run as a hobby or an interest and the creator of the page has no interest in monetising it. For our purpose, we are going to use the targeted traffic that it creates to build a solid list of subscribers. It is very easy to build a huge following on fan pages, and this is because Facebook likes internal traffic. So even with paid ads it becomes cheaper to drive traffic in very popular niche is to a page rather than to an external link like a website.

The simplest way to propagate a new Facebook page with likes is to share it with your own Facebook friends then starts to comment on similar pages or groups under your own page name. Then it would be a case of paying for some Facebook ads and the power of that is that you can target right down to the very people who are likely to want to join your page.

There is no golden rule for the number of posts that are required for a fan page but as engagement is ever thing then the average of the most popular pages seems to be around 5 to 8 posts a day. Fan pages give you a marvelous opportunity to be able to interact with followers in a way that email marketing can’t do. The example is that most people would not accept more than one email a day but you can connect with the same people several times through social media and in a way this enhances your email marketing campaigns.
However, this is about list building and to do that through a fan page you will need to drive that traffic to a landing page on a regular basis and this is as simple as offering them a solution via your free report or video and directing them via the link. As long as you do not bombard the page with these links that it will not overkill and new people joining every day will get to see it and your subscriber base will grow from this.
This is a very powerful way of list building and often offers a slightly cheaper method of gaining subscribers plus it also gives you the advantage of being able to connect and interact on two different platforms. All the way through this course I’m going to drive home the fact that your relationship with your subscribers is on the utmost importance, and Facebook fan pages gives you an opportunity to enhance that connection.

Andy Beveridge

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