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The traditional way of building a subscriber base starts off by creating what some people call a squeeze page and others call a landing page and giving something away something of value in exchange for an email address. The reason that these pages are sometimes called squeeze pages is because they have only one task to do and that is to squeeze the person into opting in to your list. These pages are normally very simple and often with just a few lines of copy.

This method is still the main way to build a list and it works very well and with many auto responders today giving out or including ready-made page templates it has become even easier to do, as these pages are hosted for you and so take away even the need to have hosting.

To be successful in creating a subscriber base using this method the opt in or the giveaway has to be extremely targeted to the audience that you intend to market to. Once again this comes down to burrowing into the niche to find specific problems as mentioned in the previous module.

An example.

Let’s say you are targeting the weight loss market which of course is Evergreen. If you wrote a short report on how to lose weight fast it would probably be very popular but your advertising costs would be huge in such a large market. However, if you targeted a specific problem that people losing weight have been it would be easier to define the market and reach them and at a lower cost. So how much more powerful would report be if it targets a specific problem?
Most people who are attempting to lose weight and have been successful in doing so still have problems trying to lose those last few pounds of body fat centered around their tummies. Nearly everyone who is losing weight has this problem, so a report on how to lose those that unsightly belly fat would be far more targeted.
You don’t lose people by targeting in this way because the subscribers that opt in to receive the second report are still interested in losing weight in general and will still purchase products from a wider generic range. What you have done is targeted a specific problem and that has allowed you to enter the market with cheaper advertising costs and as long as you have products ready for these new subscribers then you are almost certain to convert many of them into buyers.

The more generic you are than the less targeted your campaigns are. If 1000 people opt in to your free report on how to lose body fat quickly and you have a product waiting for them that shows them exactly how to do this then you are definitely going to convert a percentage of those into sales. If your report is more generic than the product you are going to promote to the new subscribers will not convert nearly as well and it is important for you to understand this.

Constructing the landing page.

As mentioned previously the landing page has one job to do only and that is to capture the email address of the viewer. We have already established that to do this it must giveaway highly targeted opt in incentive in the form normally or traditionally of a free report, but there are other opt in incentives as well. You can offer a video or series of videos, and some people might write a couple of pages that are highly targeted and full of information and is also possible to offer something like an email course that is delivered over a period of weeks or days.

The headline is the most important parts of the page and it must be eye-catching and the message needs to trigger some emotions of some kind. In this kind of copy the less said is often more powerful. It pays to look at other people’s landing pages and try to understand the message they’re trying to get across.
Remember this is not a page where you’re trying to educate or pass on information you are merely showing them a solution to a problem that you already know they want the answer to, that is the sole purpose of a squeeze page and is the very beginning of how you build your subscriber base.

Once again the word generic comes into play because squeeze pages work much better if you are attempting to answer one problem and give one solution. There is nothing wrong in writing short report on the 10 best ways to lose belly fat of course the people generally like things simple and so one problem one solution works best. The only time that differs is when you are offering a free video tutorial course or perhaps an email coaching program as they will expect further information to be drip fed but the squeeze page will still identify a problem and offer the solution.

An example could be…
Let me show you a sure- fire way to create an online income in the shortest time possible. That would be the headline which tells the reader exactly what they’re going to get and would work if they were about to download a video series or going to get in educated by a series of emails. The focus must always be on offering value or a perception of value. People are used to being marketed to these days and so you have to stand out from the crowd and to do this you must find a genuine problem and give genuine answer.

Building a subscriber base this way is easy and doable by anyone and those of fail do so because of barriers that the place in front of themselves. The answer to just about every question is available to everybody who has an Internet connection these days but that does not stop people downloading free material buying more information because we are naturally lazy and we like to see these things packaged together, once again it’s a perception of value. If you’re not quite sure what we mean by perceived value then look at this is an example.

If I asked you to purchase a book for say $50 you would think that probably a little too expensive and that is because you have a perception of how much the average book should cost, but if I took each chapter from that book and made it into a course that was drip fed to you over a period of months you might well pay 10 times that amount, and that is because most people would see a course that lasted several months as being much more valuable than a book. Yet the same information was imparted.
This is exactly the same thing as a monthly magazine that is sold for a few dollars each month but after 10 months or so what you have is a book full of information that you have paid far more for than you would if it were in book form. This is all about perceived value.

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