Other Ways to Build a Subscriber Base. YouTube

Although I recommend the traditional way of building a subscriber base there are many other ways and it would wrong to ignore them. The subscriber base you build is everything to your business so it is important to use as many traffic sources as possible.

YouTube has an amazing amount of traffic and this can be taken advantage of by means of videos that are correctly keyworded for seo purposes and are targeted to a solution or problem in your niche market. Video is a very powerful tool today and social media loves it. Creating videos that are controversial or tug at certain emotions can easily go viral and therefor be seen by thousands or even millions of people. However, for the purpose of building a list, the video can have a call to action directing the viewer to a landing page where they can opt in to your list to grab a free report or alternative opt in incentive. Of course, these videos can be shared on various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to gain even more views and potentially more subscribers.

YouTube also runs its own paid ad system and this will place your video right in front of the very audience you want to see it. We will talk about paid traffic later in the course

If you don’t have the inclination to create your own videos then it is possible to use other people’s sometimes. You can do this by searching for videos in your niche with a creative commons license. These videos can be edited and used as your own. There are a lot of videos on YouTube with this kind of license.

Andy Beveridge

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