So How Do You Know if it is a Buyers- Market?

A really great method for testing this is to visit a local newsagents the kind that have shelves stacked with magazines and see if there is one based on your chosen niche. If there is a monthly magazine based on that market then you can bet your bottom dollar that it is in a buyer’s niche, because publishing companies rarely invest money in publishing magazines unless there is a market for it.

Also it is worth noting that a magazine in your niche is a brilliant place to get ideas and content.

Another method is to look at the popular Dummies series of books because once again they only publish books in hungry for information markets. Of course, there is the obvious markets that never disappear. We call them evergreen, and these in include health, fitness, dating, weight loss, young mothers, forex, investment, gambling and golf. There are many more and perhaps your hobby or interest is among them.

Evergreen niches are a great place to start as they are proven and we know that they will pretty much be around forever. People will always want to lose weight or get stronger build muscle, and golfers will always want to eliminate hooks and slices and drive the ball further than their friends. If of course your interests or hobbies fits into one of the Evergreen markets then you have a great starting point. However, it’s not enough to just plough into a proven market without thought.

Let us look at the reasons why.

If we take the golfing niche as an example. The golfing market is huge and because of this there will be many big players involved in marketing products and services in a niche that is growing in popularity all the time. This is good because it shows there is a market but is bad if we are not organized and targeted because advertising costs will be huge, but we can get around this to some extent by digging into the niche and targeting specific types of people.

It would never be advisable to just create a website based around the golf and then hope to be able to drive traffic so that you could sell various products to your audience. The cost of buying traffic would be phenomenal and you would be competing with some very big and established sites in the Google market.
However, by burrowing down you will find smaller targeted markets, for instance nearly every golfer wants to be able to drive the ball further down the fairway than they already can. So why not target those very people by giving them the information that they need or want in creating products just for that market. By clearly defining a targeted group of people you’re reducing costs in advertising but also reaching out to those that need it most. You can use this method in almost any market and where list building is concerned it becomes very powerful.

Imagine the difference between having 1000 subscribers who opted in through a generic site about golf and the difference between 1000 subscribers who opted in to find out more about how they can drive the ball further than their friends. They’re all interested in the same subject but in the second list you have a highly targeted group of people and you know what they are after. In the first list is much more generic and their interests within golf will be as diverse as the game is itself.

Finding or creating specific products for a very targeted group of people is extremely powerful and is your chance to compete with the bigger boys in very large markets.

So, to recap, when preparing to build a subscriber base it will be important for you to have an interest in the niche that you going to work in, because this makes it much more likely that you will be able to continue to grow your business in the long term. No matter how lucrative the market is, it is very difficult to operate in it for very long if you have little interest in it. Also, enthusiasm tends to shine through and so your potential clients see this and it creates more authenticity.

Is also important that you choose a market that has lots of people searching for products constantly. Once you understand this part of the course that it really makes list building much easier and gives you a far greater understanding of why you are building a subscriber base. Not only targeting groups of people but your defining your own motives at the same time.
This article has given you the ability to think about your target markets and the reasons why you want to operate and build a subscriber base in it. Now we need to take action and start building our subscriber base.

Andy Beveridge

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