Why Building A Subscriber Base Is Important.

Building a list or subscriber base is the single most important thing you can do with your online business. In fact, building a subscriber base is your business or at least it should be.
When you look at successful entrepreneurs who have created an online business then you will always see that they have a list of people that are hungry for the information that they supply. It does not matter which area they work in either. You may see them as successful coaches or maybe they work in video or SEO, it really doesn’t matter the result will always be the same in that they will have a subscriber base that they can market to.

Once you understand this and see just how powerful this business model is that it can transform your mindset and shift you into a pattern that will take you forward with far more success than previously. The fact that you are taking this course indicates that of course you understand that building a list is very important but many people still don’t quite get the fact that the list is really the business. Your subscriber base flows right the way through your entire blueprint everything else feeds off it. In fact, is fair to say that a subscriber base is the lifeblood of all business.

We see this in the off-line world as well, large retail companies constantly reward their customers by way of loyalty cards and this is just another way of building a subscriber base. Although it’s slightly different the intent is just the same. When you get into a cab the chances are they may give you a business card and often that might include 10% discount or some think similar. When you purchase electrical goods and washing machines or televisions they will take your name and address and this amounts to the same thing they are building a subscriber base of people that are proven buyers and can be contacted the special offers or promotions.

Yet you would be amazed at the amount of online marketers that do not put enough energy into building their own subscriber base. Many will create tons of products and yet leave so much money on the table by not collecting email addresses and following up the good customer service and other promotional emails. Think of it this way, if you created a product every week that was popular in your niche, you would with promotion see a rise in sales and then a drop in that would continue week after week with the same pattern. Now imagine, that each buyer these their email address and you contact them the next time you have a product released. Gradually over a period of time you will start to sell more products to your buyers list then you will on the platform where you’re releasing the products. It seems so obvious that many people do not think this way.

Many online marketers do not even create products they simply build subscriber bases in an area where there are many hungry buyers and simply promote other people’s products for a commission, this is called affiliate marketing. That method is a complete business blueprint on its own and is very easy to start up and maintain.
I am sure you will have heard this before but having a responsive subscriber base gives you a huge amount of freedom because you can mail your list from basically anywhere in the world. Wherever you go your list goes with you providing you have an Internet connection. Of course there is a right and wrong way to set all this up and the right and wrong way on how to look after your list that we will go through all that in this course. Let me make this clear however, this is a business model that you can set up very easily and it does work.

With the basic list building blueprint there are not thousands of things you need to learn, in fact there are only a handful of things that you need to learn but you need to be able to do those things very well. Like any business if you play at it than the results will reflect and this was why we started this course off with a module of mindset. If you take what you learned from this course seriously and take action from any gains knowledge than you will have the ability to change your life both in terms of finance and freedom. It does take work and a plan but so does getting up in the morning driving to an office and sitting there watching the clock tick. The life of an online marketer is very different than that. Of course, you have to work but now you choose your own hours and much of the work can be automated which gives you even more freedom and all of this knowledge will be shown to within this course.

Andy Beveridge

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