A Review of the BuilderAll Platform


I was very excited when I first discovered BuilderAll because for a long time I had wanted to house my complete online business under one roof.  The fact that I had built in hosting, and auto responder for up to 10k subscribers and a drag and drop site builder for creating blogs, websites and thank you pages really had appeal.

BuilderAll is going places, these guys have invested heavily and have been around for awhile in Brazil but are now set to make their impact mainstream. They have a great support system and a back up interactive Facebook page.

With over 400 video tutorials it should be simple to find what you want in the way of guidance but in all honesty I did find it a bit time consuming trawling through to find the correct video. This I think is the main problem with this platform, if you are not very tech minded there will be a bit of a learning curve. So make sure you have a couple of days to sit down and go through everything.

Overall my experience has been good and the auto responder which is simple to use works very well and is worth the monthly fee all on its own. There are some areas that I have not investigated yet, like the animated video creator and the ability to create your own brand and sell all these services on to the public.

It gets a thumbs up from me.     Check it out here 

Andy Beveridge

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