Why I Quit

Since I declared that I would be leaving the how to make money online niche, I have been swamped with questions. Mostly about my reasons why, but quite a few by subscribers asking me if I will ever run any more coaching programs again.

I can’t say I never will again run a coaching program and I will not close my Super Accelerator Program down although I shall not advertise it much. I will certainly be taking a back seat in coaching though.
As for leaving the make money niche, my general way of thinking is that it is beginning to turn into a whirlpool. The same ideas and methods are forever spinning around and attracting an audience that to be honest is made up of 90% of people who are looking to press a few buttons and become rich. That is not a market that I want to be involved in anymore, or at least not the level I was at a couple of years ago.

I am very active in the freelance market at the moment, this is an arena I have often worked in, some years more than others. I produce a lot of content for people and I guess my expertise is creating content with plr. Articles, reports, ebooks, and courses are all popular. I will continue to work in this and my aim is to write for a magazine or journal and have my own regular feature. I will certainly blog more this coming year too.

I fully intend to build the brand Simply Meat Free and that will end up having a membership area at some point in the near future.
I think people should be concentrating a lot more on building a brand and the importance of this will become clear as email marketing continues to tighten up with further restrictions in the future. Building your own audience is going to be vital from now on.

If you want to find out more about the Super Accelerator Program or more about what content I can create for you then give me a shout.
Skype abeveridge1

Even if you just want to chat about the weather is fine by me as we can get far too insular with all this online stuff.

Andy Beveridge (Digi Warrior)

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